Explore and learn more about the features offered by both ChrisTV Online! FREE edition and Premium edition. Key features are explained here in detail, summarizing the usability and functionality offered by our products.

ChrisTV Online!
Key Features

ChrisTV Online! - Key Features

Channels List and Favorites List

Using ChrisTV Online! you will gain access to Premium TV Channels from USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania and to more than 2000+ TV channels and 600+ radio stations from all over the globe (more than 100 countries).
Get connected to one of the largest channels database and receive updates periodically. As a bonus we have added to ChrisTV Online!'s channels database access to online streams with music video clips plus movie trailers just to keep you entertained to the maximum.
The range of ChrisTV Online!'s TV channels and Radio stations is wide and you can find from News, Music, Sports, Religion, Education to Entertaiment Channels.


ChrisTV Online! interface offers you fast and easy access to all channels available in our database through the Channels List panel, where you can group channels by:
  • Country
  • Type
  • Category
  • Language
  • Station Name

To gain fast access to your favorite TV channel or Radio station, you can add them to ChrisTV Online! Favorites List, which provides the same grouping feature as with the Channels List.

Expat Internet Browser

Living abroad, travelling, on business or holiday? Don't want to miss out on favorite TV show?

ChrisTV Online! - Expat Internet Browser

With the new Expat Internet Browser feature you can now gain access while abroad to popular websites like Hulu.com, Netflix.com, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player. Also you can watch live tv, full episodes and on-demand television whilst overseas from ABC Full Episode Player, CBS Full Episodes, Dish Online, FX Networks, NBC Video, RTE Player, STV Player, LiveStation, SeeSaw, PlayTV.fr, Rai TV Italy, CBS, CBC Television, Global TV, FOX on Demand, British Eurosport Player, TF1, M6, Setanta Sports Canada, View TV, Zattoo, Wilmaa, TV.com and more. Watch your favorite TV programmes anywhere.

Recording* Internet TV Channels and Radio Stations

Using the Recording feature available in ChrisTV Online! you won't miss a thing on TV or Radio.

ChrisTV Online! - Recording online TV

This features allows you to store on your harddisk online streams at the same quality as they are broadcast without loosing any quality. You can choose the folder where you want the recordings to be stored and also the recording file naming. After you select the channel you want to record, just press the "Start Recording" button and when you want to end the recording press "Stop Recording" button. Using Adjust recording length feature, you will be able to set the recording length for your favorite show or video.
Please note that not all streams support recording.

Justin.tv and Veetle HD Channels

Starting with version 6.00 you get instant access to online movies, sports, online gaming, music, entertainment from Justin.tv channels. Using the Premium Edition you will be able to record your favorite Justin.TV channels.

Watch HD movies, sports, TV series, music from Veetle channels.

Add your own new channels streams

Enjoy the new feature of adding your own streams to ChrisTV Online! favorite channels list.
New channels can be added directly from ChrisTV Online! interface: from "Settings" button popmenu select "Add new channel", after you enter all stream details press "Add channel" button to save it. The new channel will be available in Favorites Channel list.

ChrisTV Online! - Add new channel stream

The range of supported stream types are very wide:
  • Windows Media Player
  • Real Player stream
  • Sopcast stream
  • Livestream.com channel
  • Flash stream
  • Website address
  • VLC stream
  • Justin.tv channel
From now on, you will also be able to add, watch and record the channels broadcasted by your friends using latest version of ChrisTV PVR Professional.

Easy to Use and Flexible User Interface

ChrisTV Online! skinable interface is easy to use, gives you access to all important features and comes with a default set of professional skins. The application provides 3 display modes :

  • Full Mode: direct access to all buttons and functions
  • ChrisTV Online! - Full Mode
  • Compact Mode: direct access to main buttons and functions, you can access all functions in the popupmenu
  • ChrisTV Online! - Compact Mode
  • Frame Mode*: only video window is visible, you can access all functions in the popupmenu
  • ChrisTV Online! - Frame Mode
ChrisTV Online! comes with a powerfull & unique feature first introduced in ChrisTV PVR product:
The video window can be dragged using the mouse in any place of your desktop and you can adjust the window size to your favorite size. Also using hotkeys you can set predefined window sizes to the video window.
In order to have access all the time to the ChrisTV Online! window while using other applications, you can set the window to be Always On Top.

More Key Features...

  • Built in channels database search function :
ChrisTV Online! - Search
  • Multilanguage interface : English, German, Dutch, Romanian.
ChrisTV Online! - Settings
  • FullScreen mode fast access through mouse doubleclick.
  • Control bar with Play, Stop, Mute, Fullscreen, Settings buttons.
  • Minimize to SysTray the ChrisTV Online! window.
  • Popupmenu on mouse click with direct access to main controls and settings.
  • Channels list option on the left or right side of the viewing window.
  • Last channel functionality.
  • KeyShortcuts for main functionalities.

* - Available only in Premium Edition